Pendidikan Advokat


Special Education of Professional Advocate is professional education as a requirement to be an Advocate. This education is intended for building up the good, honest, responsible, fair, and high integrated Advocate.  


The legal basis of Advocate professional education is Chapter 2 on the Subsection (1) UU No. 18 in the Year of 2003 stated as follows: “The one who will be promoted as Advocate is scholar with the educational bakcground of Law and finished joining the special professional education hold by the Advocate Organization.
Besides, in Chapter 3 subsection (1) is stated  “In order to be elevated as an Advocate, someone has to fulfill the requirements below: citizen of Republic Indonesia, living in Indonesia, non civil servant or even official person, approximately 25 year old, graduate of Law Faculty as it is mentioned an Chapter 2 Subsection (1), getting certified from Advocate Organization, joining the internship at Advocate office for at least two years respectively, never being a criminal for 5 years or more being prisoned, acting good, honest, responsible, fair, and have high integrated personality.



There are eights Advocate founder organizations of  PERADI:

Indonesian Advocate Union (IKADIN), Indonesian Advocate Association (AAI), Indonesian Law Advocate Counselor (IPHI), Indonesian Advocate and Lawyer Association (HAPI), Indonesian Lawyer Association (SPI),  Indonesian Lawyer Consultant Association (AKHI), Capital Market of Law Consultant Association (HKHPM), and Indonesian Syariah Law Association (APSI).

Therefore, the branch of Indonesian Advocate Association (AAI) of Palembang works together with Educational Institution of Indonesian Law and Indonesian Advocate Association (Peradi) hold the Education of Professional Advocate (PKPA)  in order to fit the need of Chapter 2 subsection (1) UU No. 18 tahun 2003 on Advocation stated : "Who promoted to be an Advocate is the one graduated from Law Faculty and certified joining the Advocate professional which hold by the Advocate Organization. 


According to PERADI No.3 2006, the course of Advocate Professional Education (PKPA) include :

Function and Role of Advocate Organization, Indonesian Justice System, Code Ethics of Indonesian Justice, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedural Law,  the Law of State Administrative Court, Law of Religious Court, Constitutional Court Law Procedure, the Law of Industrial Relation Justice, Bussiness Competition Law, the Law of Arbitrase and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), the Law of Human Right Justice Law, Trade Court Law, Design and Contract Analysis, Legal Opinion and Legal Due Diligence, Enterprise Organization include the merger and acquisition, Interview Technique with Client, Teknik Wawancara dengan Klien, Law Documentation and Tracking, and Legal Reasoning. 


Pendidikan Advokat


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