Visi dan Misi

Vision and Mission of Law Faculty 

Vision of the Faculty of Law University of Muhammadiyah Malang is to make Faculty of Law be the leader in applying law education that possesses superiority in mastering and the application of law to produce professional, religious, and humanist law scholars.

Description of Vision:
Professional means mastering and understanding the science both in concept, theoretically, and also possessing the competence in applying the knowledge. Then, the students will have ability to apply the law science in the society. Therefore, all elements of Law Faculty are demanded to:

  1. develop critical thinking and competence,

  2. do the reformation in teaching and learning activities,

  3. grow learning methods which balance between theory, concept, and skill in scale of 1 : 2 : 2,

  4. build critical law discussions.



Humanist means something relates to humanity. Therefore, the education in Law Faculty is willing to create the mindset of law persons who defend the norms. These are also the basic of human’s emotions which always choose the truth, justice, and human rights. The definition of humanist is also the faculty develops the integrity of its students.


The ideal forms are:

  1. to develop sensitive and active attitude towards social problems based on universal human rights,

  2. to understand individual and group human rights,

  3. to defend the norms of justice, honesty, and truth.



Religious relates to religion or faith. Learning law is strongly connected with religious aspects. Truth and justice, coming from God, have to be the main foundation in thinking or doing, especially for students of Law Faculty whatsoever. Based on this definition, it can be gained that religiosity has to be the spirit of professional humanist law persons with all of their action to:


  1. understand the basic and the concept of Islamic Law in mastering global, national, or local concepts of law,

  1. have high integrity and responsibility in applying their knowledge as Muslim scholars,

  2. actualize Islam as the basis of their attitude and activity.



These visions are meant to give the directions for the development of both UMM and Law Faculty. Furthermore, the Law Faculty’s missions are referred to Pola Ilmiah Pokok (Main Scientific Patterns) to create the civil society.






  1. organizing the high education of law to support law supremacy based on the both Islamic and scientific principles,

  2. implementing the high education of law to create law scholars with global thoughts, human rights knowledge, and entrepreneurship skills.



Description of Missions:


Today’s reform era has enlightened the dark ages era of law supremacy, law apparatus’ problems, and the notorious bad work of law institutions. These made the people in the past were hesitant to the law enforcement. The existence of law’s roles and functions in nation’s life and society now has been pointed out as the basic problems of law supremacy. This situation sparks the idea that the education of law, especially in Law Faculty of UMM, should accommodate the problems as the part of the efforts to give the best solutions to answer them.



After a muse and some discussions about these problems, seemingly curriculum becomes both one of basic problems and also one of solutions. At some workshop on curriculum, evaluation had been done to perfect the curriculum completely and also to build the characters of it as follows:


  1. in growing-democracy national politics, law with all of its aspects has been corrected. One of the horrific aspects is in the enforcement of law. It can be seen that the lawyers, advocates, investigating officers, courts has been negating the norm of law. Then, the problems are also the court mafia, collusions, corruptions, nepotisms, and pragmatic law enforcement.

  1. This national situation, beside was caused by unfair New Order political system, is also caused by higher law educational system which tends to use “positivism” approach. The national higher law education does not develop critical approach which defends the rightness and justice norms. It means a law scholar is a justice and truth fighter for humanity.



The existence of Law Faculty of UMM as a part of Muhammadiyah Universities holds the strategic roles and functions in developing the higher law educational system with Islamic characteristics. It is meant to create law scholars with good personality, so that they will have responsibility to the fair law enforcement.





Basis and Objectives:



The Faculty of Law organizes the higher education based on Government’s Policy as stated in Decree no. 2 dated 1989 about the national educational system; Government’s Regulation no 30 dated 1990 about higher education; and the principles of Muhammadiyah Universities. Generally, the arrangement of higher education in UMM is meant to prepare the human resources who have the academic professional capability, have ability to apply and to develop the science, technology, and culture based on Islam. Considering these points, the objectives of Law Faculty are:


  1. to produce Muslim scholars with good personality, capable, having self confidence, and possessing professional spirit in the field of law,

  1. to master Indonesian Law as the basic of science and work ability to develop law and law science,

  2. to know and to be aware towards justice problems in society and to analyze them to find the solutions. 



To get into these objectives, the Faculty of Law works dynamically constructive based on visions and missions picturized in Four Norms of Muhammadiyah Universities’ Obligations as follows:


  1. the constructions of faith and attitude,

  1. organizing the development of learning and teaching,

  2. conducting researches in order to develop the culture, especially in science, technology, education, and art, and activating and mastering the research on Islam to find the truth to apply,

  3. public service



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