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The Legal Aid Post (POSBAKUM) Law Faculty University of Muhammadiyah  Malang is located in the Religious Court of Malang City Regency. Posbakum was established for the first time in 2011 under the administration of Dean Sidik Sunaryo, SH.MSi.,MHum. Then it was further strengthened in 2015, under the Dean of Dr. Sulardi through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) dated December 7, 2015, DIPA No. 005.04.2 /. Posbakum is a form of LFUMM's dedication to the community. Through posbakum, alumni and lecturers can apply their knowledge to help the community, especially the poor, to get free legal aid services. Posbakum also helps clients to prepare trial administration and legal assistance (CYA, 2020)





Edited by: CYA, 2020