Health Care and Counseling

Service to students is the main program in the Law Program Study at LFUMM to support the teaching and learning process. In addition, the student service program is essentially aimed at improving student welfare, especially for students who are economically disadvantaged. Therefore, LFUMM always strives to provide the best service to students so that there is an increase in academic satisfaction by students as users of educational services. LFUMM provides various services to students, including:

1) Academic services;

2) Social /personal services;

3) Health services,

4) Financial assistance services;

5) Career guidance and information services;

6) Legal aid services.


Academic Services

The academic services provided by LFUMM to students include academic advisory services in providing lectures, services in providing student assignment guidance, midterm and final semester exams, mid-semester and end-semester examination value information services, thesis / final assignment guidance services, final Project examination services, Judicium services, and Graduation services. The following is the flow of academic service provision at PSIH:



Career Information and Consultation Service

To improve services to students, especially after graduation, PSIH collaborates with Student and Alumni Career Development (PKMA) to seriously help students to be able to accelerate their post-graduation job waiting period. Through the Career Development Program, students will receive a variety of personality training and soft skills that will be needed in the world of work periodically and in a structured manner. This Career Development Program is intended for students who take their thesis at KRS Online. This Career Development Program is fostered by 15 (fifteen) Lecturers who have previously received training (Training of Trainers) at the University level who are trained by professionals.
The Career Development Program is carried out every week with the following materials:

a. Self-management in identifying self-descriptions and self-potential profiles;
b. Career Management I (Career Leadership Skills);
c. Career Management II (Skills and Proficiency in Interviewing, Interviewer);
d. Career Management III (Job Application Skills and Proficiency;
e. Work Norms;

  • Entrepreneurship Training (Business Opportunities, Business Plan, Financial Access, Business Start Up).

This service provides various activities related to the preparation of students in choosing suitable careers as well as preparing students and graduates to be able to
compete in the world of work.
In addition, PSIH also holds various activities which are carried out, including facilitating independent apprenticeship activities in various agencies (private and government), holding excursion studies and field studies in various places related to legal careers, and facilitating students and alumni with companies (world of work). Another form of practical activity is bridging the willingness of students to work with job seekers, either in the form of part time work, contracts or internships (selfservice).

Edited by: CYA, 2020