Students Organizations

Besides participating in academic activities, PSIH students are also involved in various extra-curricular student activities. This activity is accommodated in intra and extra campus institutions. In general, the various activities of LFUMMstudents which are accommodated in intra-campus institutions are channeled through various institutions,such as:

1. The Faculty Student Executive Board (BEMFA)

2. The Faculty Student Senate (SEFA)

3. Semi-Autonomous Institute (LSO)

In addition, student activities are also accommodated by the Research and Debate Community, Football and Footsal LSO, the Volleyball Community, the Resitation Community (Basketball), and the Legal and Legislative Drafting Community.

In addition, at the university level, there are various Student Activity Units (UKM) such as Menwa, Theater, KSR, Choir, Scouts, Dimpa, Basketball, Football, Student English Forum, and others. In addition, students are also given the freedom to engage in various extra-campus institutions such as IMM (Muhammadiyah Student Association), HMI (Islamic Student Association), GMNI (Indonesian National Student Movement), PMII (Indonesian Islamic Student Association).

Edited by: CYA, 2020