LFUMM provides various types of scholarships for students with various categories of requirements. This scholarship is given in order to support the success of student education in higher education as well as to become a motivational tool for students in enhancing and developing their potential both in the academic and non-academic fields. Scholarships for students are administered by study programs, universities and other parties (government and private institutions).

The categories of requirements stipulated include:
1) Scholarships for underprivileged students
2) Scholarships for outstanding students
3) Scholarships for student activists
4) Scholarships for students affected by natural disasters or riots
5) Scholarships for final students (study completion)


The types of scholarships are as follows:
Academic Achievement Improvement Scholarship (PPA)
Student Study Aid Scholarship (BBM)
Achievement Scholarships
Djarum Scholarship
Toyota Astra Scholarship
Alumni Scholarships
Orphan Scholarship
BNI Scholarships
Bank Niaga Scholarship
Bank Jatim Scholarship
CIMB Bank Scholarship
Scholarships from BRI Bank
Organization Cadre Scholarship (PPUT)
Sibling Scholarship
Bidik Misi Scholarship
Alumni Scholarships

The sources of the scholarship funds include:
Alumni of the UMM Faculty of Law
University of Muhammadiyah Malang
Provincial Government (Kopertis)
Central Government (DIKTI)
Private Companies
Social Foundation
Erasmus Mundus


The various types of scholarships are awarded in accordance with the applicable regulations in terms of requirements, time and technical aspects of collection. In general, the stages that must be passed include: 1) the announcement stage, 2) submission by the applicant (student), 3) selection at the study program and university level (depending on the type of scholarship), 4) submission of complete documents, 5) announcement of who passed the scholarship and disbursement of funds.

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Edited by: CYA, 2020