Sharing about the best practice of relationship between Religion and Indonesia State in Beijing


In the training program "the 2014 Summer Certificate Training Program on Religion and Rule of Law" organized by the Pu Shi Institute for Social Science, Peking University School of Law, and the Beijing Foriegn Studies University School of Law, the ICLRS collaborated with the Institute for Global Engagement invited Cekli Pratiwi, Faculty of Law, UMM, to participate in the training program and talk about "Religious Law in public life and politics in Indonesia". In this training, many professors from various universities also participated to speak related to training materials and present the results of their research. In this training, several topics on education and religion, business and religious freedom, religion in public and political life, and other materials were discussed in the casebook Law and Religion: National, International, and Comparative Study written by Professor Cole Durham and Professor Brett Scharffs.


Edited by: CYA, 2020